I’m Stephanie, a Cambridgeshire-based crafter, photographer, musician and dancer.  Proud mother to a little mouse called Colin.

I set this blog up initially to blog about my adventures in the 30 Days Wild Challenge set up by The Wildlife Trust for June 2015 and had so much fun that I’m keeping this blog going to showcase the places I visit and my photos from them.

You can find more information about the 30 Days Wild Challenge here!

What I Use

I have two cameras, my old and little point and shoot and my newer, larger and ultimately better bridge camera!  My little camera is a Samsung SH100 and has done me very well for several years now, I still use it when I’m going for small and discreet photography.  My larger camera is a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX300 that I’ve had since Christmas, 2014.

Favourite Subjects and Locations

I love taking photos of flowers, animals, birds, nature, landscapes and, of course, my pet mouse.  In general I love to go rambling in the countryside, close to home in the Cambridgeshire fenland, or further afield when I’m on holiday.  Some of my favourite holiday spots include the Lake District, Forest of Dean and also the Coastlines of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  My favourite wild location currently would have to be my garden and the fields behind it.  There’s always something to see no matter what the season or the time of day!


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