Wild Ideas

© The Wildlife Trust

© The Wildlife Trust, 2015

Some ideas for the Wildlife Trusts’ Campaign, 30 Days Wild!  Originally compiled for June 2015.

  1. Listen to bird song/go on a dawn chorus walk
  2. Wild walks
  3. Lying in some long grass
  4. Finding urban wildlife
  5. Flora/Fauna Hunts
  6. Sowing wildflower seeds
  7. Climbing a tree
  8. Make a nature smooties
  9. Spotting butterflies
  10. Go beach combing
  11. Make a moth trap
  12. Go bird watching
  13. Brave the rain and go for a rainy walk to see what wildlife you can spot
  14. Look for patterns caused by raindrops in lakes/puddles/dripping off trees
  15. Look for rainbows and waterdrops after its rained
  16. Find some snails and have a snail race with your friends
  17. Dance in the rainbows
  18. Splash in puddles
  19. Create a wild work of art
  20. Follow a bee
  21. Hug a tree
  22. Go out at dusk/night and look for bats, owls and other nocturnal creatures
  23. Look for animal tracks on the ground
  24. Curl up with a nature book in your favourite wild spot
  25. Try and find a flower growing out of the pavement or a wall.  Marvel at the places plants can grow!
  26. Find your nearest grassy place and enjoy the feel of it on your bare feet
  27. If you’re near some water, hire a boat and see what wildlife you can see
  28. Plant some flowers in pots for your window/balcony/garden and watch them grow
  29. Put a bird feeder out and see what birds you can attract
  30. Play pooh sticks over a bridge if you’ve got a river (but only use branches lying on the ground, don’t kill any plants in the process)
  31. Take your favourite craft activity outside and create something while listening to the birds
  32. If you’re near the sea, go snorkelling and see what you can find
  33. Paddle in the nearest river to you (make sure its safe to first though)