Grafham Water

Today I headed across to Grafham Water for a cycle ride.  It has a surfaced cyclist/walker path all the way round taking you at various points close to the water, through the nearby villages (although you can avoid these if you’re walking), through some pleasant farmland and through the Wildlife Trust’s nature reserve.

It was in the nature reserve that I discovered the bluebell woods!  Okay, so I’m a little bit late to the bluebell party.  But it’s better late than never, in my opinion, they still looked beautiful!  I hadn’t planned my outing based on it being a nature cycle, so while I knew I’d be going through some woodland, I didn’t think there might still be bluebells so it was a delightful surprise!  A picture can never show the true beauty of a forest floor covered in bluebells, but I’ve done my best for you.


My cycle ride took me all the way around Grafham Water and I saw many birds around.  My favourite had to be my first sighting of a Skylark although sadly I was cycling and didn’t manage to stop and get my camera out in time.  There was also a possible linnet, but I didn’t get a good look to tell for sure so don’t bank on that one being there!  I saw plenty of robins and blackbirds too.  The nicest place for birdwatching was along the dam.  Here I saw pied wagtails, yellow wagtails, an oystercatcher, a shelduck, some cormorants, some ducks, some swans and plenty of swallows.


This insect took a liking to my pannier bag! (Currently un-IDed)








Pied Wagtail




Yellow Wagtail


Mute Swan

I hope you enjoy today’s pictures and I wish you a pleasant week!

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2 thoughts on “Grafham Water

  1. Joy Dingley on said:

    Great photos Stephanie, Wish I could have smelt the bluebells! I’m impressed you could cycle after the meal at Spring Common today.


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