Sutton Gault

Hello there!  Welcome back to Stephanelli’s Wild Adventures.  Today I’m going to share a few photos of my local patch and tell you a little about it.

This week I decided to do some cycling, and what better than to combine cycling with some birdwatching and general photography time in my local patch!  I’ve been cycling down to Sutton Gault to admire the fenlands and see what birds are around.  The fields are already beginning to flood and most of the bird life was paddling in areas that were fields only a month or so ago!  This bit of road floods almost every year so they’ve even built a nice footbridge to cross for when it does flood!

I’ve been hoping to spot a whooper swan or two, but they’ve sadly not been around.  The whoopers normally go to Welney (which we’re visiting tomorrow!!!) but last year we had a few around our area.  We do have a couple of families of mute swans and a large number of wigeon.  I sadly didn’t get a photo of the wigeon, but if you’ve never heard one let me describe their sound to you.  Imagine a squeezing a rubber duck or your pet dog/cats favourite squeaky toy.  It sounds like that, and its amazing!

I was also lucky enough to spot a redwing although sadly I didn’t have my camera out at the time!  Redwing are winter visitors to most of the UK but there are a very small handful of breeding pairs – less than 20 – which means that the redwing is on the red list for conservation!

That just about summarises my adventures so I’ll leave you with a few photos and say goodbye and I hope you pop by my little area of internet again next week!


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3 thoughts on “Sutton Gault

  1. Joy Dingley on said:

    Ah I’m a bit envious, I seem to be perpetually wrapping or baking at the moment. You have reminded me to get out there as soon as possible after Christmas. Thank you.


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