Exploring The New Forest – Part 8/8

So here we are!  The last post in my series on our honeymoon in the New Forest.  It’s been great to have you joining me as I share our adventure and I hope you enjoy today’s final post – it’s all about the fungi!  You can catch up on the previous posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

New Forest Fungi

There was plenty of fungi around in the New Forest while we were there and I totally forgot about identifying them and now I’m struggling!  There was so much variety in both shape, size, colour and everything about them!  It is a really diverse group of organisms!  So sadly, you have a group of lovely fungi photos without identifications.  But!!  Maybe you have secret knowledge of all things fungi?  Drop me a comment below if you think you can identify any of these!

1: We found this tiny fungus on the forest floor at Blashford Lakes.dsc04249_800x600

2: Another one from the forest floor at Blashford Lakesdsc04250_800x600

3. These ball like fungi were growing on some wood at Blashford Lakesdsc04255_800x600

4. I just love the orange colour on this fungus!dsc04256_800x600

5. A lovely grouping bracket fungi, again at Blashford Lakes

6. You just can imagine a tiny mouse hiding under this one!  Seen on our long walk in the heathlandsdsc04375_800x600

7. Another heathland fungusdsc04376_800x600

8. Once again spotted in the heathlands – I love the dew drops!dsc04386_800x600

9. The perspective looks a bit odd in this photo – but it’s another heathland fungusdsc04387_800x600

10. I loved these ones – they were just hiding amongst the bushes!dsc04406_800x600

11. Another similar group hiding amongst the bushes on the heathlands

12. I loved the two-tone colour of this bracket fungus – we spotted this in Bolderwood Deer Sanctuarydsc04446_800x600

13. The traditional looking fungus!  Found admit the pine needles at Bolderwood.dsc04450_800x600

14. I love the underneath of this fungus, and its lovely orangey brown colour – another Bolderwood find!dsc04451_800x600

15. This clump was found growing in the gravel driveway of the holiday cottage we stayed in!  There were several similar clumps – its amazing what life will grow in!dsc04722_800x600

So that sadly brings me to the end of my adventures in the New Forest.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me – we had a fantastic time down there and I’ve had a fantastic time sharing my experiences with you!  If you’ve enjoyed this series why not Like my Facebook page, Follow me on Twitter or Catch up with me on Instagram to see more things like this from all my blogs!

See you all next week for the start of December (how scary)!

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One thought on “Exploring The New Forest – Part 8/8

  1. Fungi!!! Lovely photos 😀 I’ve missed all the previous posts so I’ll enjoy going back over them


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