Exploring The New Forest – Part 6/8

This week I’m going to share some very special memories with you all.  Some of you may have seen these photos appear on Facebook, but here I’ll say a bit more about our time in the New Forest rather than just a very large pile of photos.  As an extra special treat, this is going to be a series of eight posts over the next week so be sure to check back every day after 11am to see the next installment!  The first seven posts will be each of the days, mostly in order.  The last post will be a species spotlight on the fabulous fungi we saw throughout the forest!

Catch up on previous posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,

The Beaulieu Estate

The Beaulieu Estate is huge.  Literally huge.  And the museum area is also pretty big.  So big that we took two days to do it all.  We first went on the Saturday and then went back on the Monday.  They have this wonderful scheme whereby you can come again for free 6 days after your original visit definitely worth it!  There is something for everyone at Beaulieu.  A Motoring Museum, Top Gear displays, Monorail, ruined abbey, huge Old Palace, Victorian Gardens and a beautiful walk.  I’m sure I’ve missed something but either way – its big.  And lovely.  This is another place I thoroughly recommend you go.  There isn’t really a lot for me to say about this that I can’t let my photos do for me, so enjoy the photos from the days we were there and I’ll see you tomorrow for my penultimate post – as a hint, train lovers are going to like tomorrow’s post!

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