Exploring The New Forest Part 4/8

This week I’m going to share some very special memories with you all.  Some of you may have seen these photos appear on Facebook, but here I’ll say a bit more about our time in the New Forest rather than just a very large pile of photos.  As an extra special treat, this is going to be a series of eight posts over the next week so be sure to check back every day after 11am to see the next installment!  The first seven posts will be each of the days, mostly in order.  The last post will be a species spotlight on the fabulous fungi we saw throughout the forest!

Catch up on previous posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,

A Long, Long Walk

On the fourth day of our honeymoon we felt relaxed and energised enough to head out on a very long walk.  In the cottage we stayed in, you walked out the back garden and straight on to the heathlands.  We had a wonderful time wandering amongst the heathlands, down into boggy dips, up onto the high and straight Smugglers’ Road and basically in one big circle back to the cottage.  We visited the village of Burley and stopped for a very tasty afternoon tea.  We saw a lot of New Forest ponies (I was delighted by these the whole week) and also a fleeting glimpse of a roe deer running away from us through the gorse!

A particularly magical moment was soon after we set off after lunch.  We’d lunched down in a dip, secluded from everything except each other and as we set off we climbed a little hill.  We looked back and saw two ponies having a wonderful gallop straight through where we lunched and along the bottom of the dip.  It was a magical moment.  Another special moment was discovering some free-roaming pigs in Burley!  I knew they had ponies and donkeys, but until that day I never realised they had pigs free roaming too!  The funniest moment of the day though, was when we’d been following a footpath for a while, and it had been fenced in on both sides and the bushes had made it very thin and narrow.  We followed this for what seemed like ages, until we reached the end.  Which was a big fancy wrought-iron gate!  We’d have never found it if we had been doing our route the other way round, or certainly never believed it was the footpath!

There was also some very lovely fungi that we found on our walk, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for part 8 to see those!  I hope you enjoyed today’s post and some musings on our long walk.  It was lovely and another thing I’d thoroughly recommend you do if you ever go to the New Forest!  Enjoy the photos below, and see you tomorrow for part 5!

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