Exploring The New Forest – Part 2/8

This week I’m going to share some very special memories with you all.  Some of you may have seen these photos appear on Facebook, but here I’ll say a bit more about our time in the New Forest rather than just a very large pile of photos.  As an extra special treat, this is going to be a series of eight posts over the next week so be sure to check back every day after 11am to see the next installment!  The first seven posts will be each of the days, mostly in order.  The last post will be a species spotlight on the fabulous fungi we saw throughout the forest!

Catch up on previous posts here: Part 1

A Day At Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve

Blashford Lakes is a lovely reserve just north of Ringwood and well worth the effort to visit if you get a chance.  Our drive there was slightly interesting as there was a donkey just stood in the middle of the road…quite inconvenient really.  It was okay and survived unharmed (I know this because we saw it later in the day!).  We parked up and headed into the first hide to see what we could see before heading across to the visitor centre and on round the rest of the lakes.  We stopped in at the three other hides but didn’t stay long in them – in one of the hides there was a very impressive ladybird infestation while the others were just a bit quiet of bird life sadly.  We left the reserve and took a diversion via the road to pick up a geocache (we succeeded this time!) before meeting the donkeys again!  As we were on foot this time we stopped to say hello and enjoy their company for a short while before continuing along and making a nice circuitous route back to the car!

The photos speak for themselves, and the area was very beautiful.  Thoroughly recommend a visit here!  I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

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