Fenland Beauty

Ahhh, the fenlands.  My beautiful home.  For some people the flat expanse of the fens is unsettling, some long for hills and mountains, but for me, nothing speaks to me of home like the fenlands – the flat, farmed fields, the ditches and drains and the wonderful array of birdlife and wildflowers.

I haven’t posted for a while on here.  But I’m here to rectify that.  I’ve been busy and away and wedding planning certainly takes up a fair amount of time.  Today I wanted to share with you the beautiful landscape near my home, because as I remembered on my walk yesterday – it is very beautiful in a way that a glistening waterfall in a forest, or a close mountain valley never can be.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going away to the Lake District, the Yorkshire Moors, the Forest of Dean and all those wonderful places.  But I think the fenlands are unappreciated because if you asked someone to think of a beautiful nature photo, they would probably describe something like waterfall falling into a pool in a forest from a high cliff.  Maybe I’m stereotyping…maybe not.

Anyhow, some photos must be seen.  These photos were taken as I walked along the New Bedford River near my home.


Beautiful reflections


Along the New Bedford River


Flat fenlands


Sutton-in-the-isle nestled on the clay ridge


Mute Swan


River bridge


Colour amongst the browns of autumn


A beautiful cloudscape

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my photos of the fenlands – and I hope you’ll agree that the views along here are beautiful!  I hope to be continuing to post more regularly again now that the summer madness has left me.

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2 thoughts on “Fenland Beauty

  1. Hi Steph I’m throwing you a challenge which I will also take up. Can you photograph the Fens in the Jan to March months when the sun isn’t shining and there’s no sparkling frost or ice and no refelctions. My challenge will be to finish the poem I started on that very subject i.e. whether the fens are beautiful on muddy days in the winter. I started it for a competition but ground to a halt.


    • Challenge accepted (and duly noted in the calendar to remind me!). I think it will be an interesting challenge and I’m already looking forward to it! I think that they will be beautiful…but being able to prove that with photographs will prove a fun challenge!


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