A Little Forager

Sometimes, the moments that stay with you a long time are those that happen amid regular everyday occurences.  Take today.  Today around 3pm, I went out into the garden to see what I could harvest for my dinner.  There were a few peas, plenty of chard and I didn’t even make it as far as looking for runner beans or pulling up some more carrot and parsnip thinnings.  I was stopped in my tracks by something else foraging for its dinner too.  Something I’ve been wanting to photograph in the wild for a while now!

I walked down the path, ready to pick some vegetables.  As I neared the vegetable patch, a small brown blob scurried across the path in front of me and hid under the towering sweetcorn plants, clearly startled by my presence.  At this point, I dashed back inside to grab my camera…normally routine trips to the vegetable patch don’t show up much of interest that requires me to take the camera every day – butterflies, a large amount of cinnabar moth caterpillars, beetles, birds.  All things that I have many photos of and that are on the list of blog posts to write.  No, if I could get this photo, it was going to be an animal ticked off my “I so desperately want to photograph this” list!

Ok, camera grabbed.  Now is the point where I spent half an hour stalking around the vegetables and weeds, trying to be silent and disturb as little as I could.  Our vegetables have grown big and this little brown blob could easily hide in so many places.  I just had to hope it was hungry.  I did give up a few times and stopped to collect some vegetables.  Then I went back to the path and was about to give up when I spotted my little brown blob, foraging for some grass seeds and hadn’t noticed me at all.  Have you guessed what I saw yet?

Well, here it is.  An absolutely adorable wood mouse.  Well…I believe it’s a wood mouse.  I’ve posted the observation to iSpot so if it’s not, I’ll update you!


But wow, isn’t this little one adorable!?  I was totally overwhelmed by how cute it was and I was absolutely ecstatic to get these photographs of a rodent in the wild – one of the things I thought it was going to take to me years to get the right opportunity!  But no, I got the opportunity and I used it and they aren’t necessarily the best of photos in the world, but they’re my first go at a rodent and I’m super pleased with them.  The cuteness of watching it munch the grass seeds.  It was such an exciting moment – and one I’m sure I won’t forget for a long time.

I’ve got so many more things from the garden to show you!  There’s the butterfly that wanted the goodies the milkman brought, the frog that scared the life out of me, the hundreds of stripy caterpillars and the excitement of growing vegetables and fruit!  Sadly I don’t have time now, but rest assured, it’s a post that will be coming eventually!  For now, enjoy the little mouse – I have to say, it gives Colin a run for his money on the cuteness front!

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2 thoughts on “A Little Forager

  1. Joy Dingley on said:

    I hope it is a Wood Mouse Steph, then it would confirm that the little one that occasionally runs across our garden is one as well. So glad you managed to find him for the photographs, they move like lightning when they want to and yes; they sre so cute.


    • They can definitely move fast! (I guess, at least I’ve had the practise of photographing a pet mouse!) I was fast giving up hope that he had left the garden or was just very well hidden! I’ll let you know what the iSpot community comes up with!


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