A Summer Holiday

I shall apologise now for a lengthy and exceedingly photo heavy post.  If you’ve come from my Facebook friends feed, then you may have already seen the majority of these photos posted there, although here they will be better organised!

This weekend I went on holiday with my fiance and his family.  We headed up to Derbyshire to stay in a beautiful cottage near Belper.  On the way we visited Leicester, and on the way back, Nottingham.  We had a lovely time, the first two days were cloudy and little rainy, but the second two days were full of bright, hot, siesta-inducing sunshine!  Hope you enjoy my adventures!

Friday 15th July 2016

Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester

First stop on our holiday was the pumping station in Leicester.  An interesting collection of artefacts from a variety of topics from the Leicestershire heritage.  It was originally a sewage pumping station and still has four working beam engines (which weren’t in steam while we were there).

River Gardens, Belper, Derbyshire

Getting close to our cottage for the weekend!  We took a stop in Belper and visited the river gardens, close to the mill.  We went on holiday to this area last year and this was one of the places we’ve previously visited!  I was delighted to have a chance at photographing the local wildlife and flowers again.

We also had a chance to look at the well dressings exhibition.  In days gone by, wells in this area were decorated with flower petals and other natural materials probably once as a tribute or offering to pagan water deities.  This seems to be a Derbyshire thing I think!

Saturday 16th July 2016

Midland Railway, Butterley

A holiday with my fiance and his family wouldn’t be complete without at least one railway!  This time we headed to Butterley to enjoy the delights of the diesel trains, exhibitions and a lovely walk around the country park too!

Trains and man-made things

Nature near the trains

Matlock Bath

On the way home we visited Matlock Bath and had a short walk along the river and admired a few of the grottos made around the local springs.  We also a play on the penny arcades to take us back to our childhood!

Sunday 17th July 2016

Cottage Garden

Our party was enlarged today, so while we were waiting for them, I took the opportunity to take some photos in the cottage garden and the local views around!

Crich Tramway Museum

Another place we’ve come for a second visit!  Last time we visited for Halloween, this year there was an Edwardian day on!  We also managed to see more of the museum, including a lovely sculpture trail, although the sun was a bit hot!

Trams and industrial things

Nature walk

Monday 18th July 2016

Rushcliffe Country Park

Sadly it was going home day today, but not before we stopped off at a few places on route!  This time we headed across to Nottingham and started off with a lovely walk around the country park!

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

We still had some time left, so we then headed to the hall and deer park and enjoyed a look around.  The park is huge with a herd of red deer and one of fallow deer!  The hall has been made into a natural history museum which was very interesting, although I’m still not sure of my opinion on taxidermy!

We had a lovely holiday and I hope you enjoyed sharing my photos and experiences (sorry there were so many!!!)

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