A Wild Update

Hello all!

After 30 Days Wild, I’ve been taking a mini hiatus from my blogging, but today I just wanted to share a few adorable photos of little Colin and share my most recent wild adventures.  Colin is doing really well, in full health and always up for playtime.

My wild adventures are still ongoing, just not documented!  I’ve been spending a lot of time keeping the garden in check.  Sadly we have had our first hit of potato blight, but this has meant that we’ve had some early new potatoes which were very tasty and space has been cleared for the final few plants to make it out into the garden.  The fruit on the trees are ripening slowly – I’m looking forward to these – and the currants have mostly finished now, the strawberries are still going and the blueberries are still ripening!

I also had the pleasure of going on a Bat Walk as part of the Ely BioBlitz.  It was a lovely walk around parts of the wildspace area in Ely (near Roswell Pits) and watch the bats flit all around us.  I’m slowly beginning to love these creatures more!

My final bit of wild to share with you is that it turns out that our bathroom light is very attractive to moths!  We’ve had a large number of them come and visit, although I’ve not got any photos of them because I normally notice in the middle of the night when taking photos isn’t normally what I’m thinking of!

So, to end, some photos of my adorable little mouse.  He is such a comfort to me and I love being able to share him with you via this blog.  If you want more regular updates on him, then he has an instagram account dedicated just for him!  Find it here!  (Also follow my facebook page!)

First, some snuggley hammock photos (sadly this toy is beginning to fall apart from too much love on the mouse’s side!)

Second, some cardboard box tower photos:

And finally, I’ve saved my absolute favourite for last:


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