30 Days Wild – Day 30

I can’t believe it!  Today’s the last day!  June seems to have gone by in a flash of wilderness and adventures – where did it all go!?  To end the challenge, I decided to head out into the garden – my local patch of wildness – and spend some time meditating under the pear tree and reflecting on what #30DaysWild meant to me.

Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today I took out my picnic blanket and sat down under the pear tree to meditate and reflect on #30DaysWild.

It has once again been a wonderful adventure that’s left me feeling connected and happy.  Throughout June I’ve learnt some birdsong (robin, wren, song thrush and blackbird mainly), I’ve danced in the rain, I’ve regularly logged the weather so I can compare it in years to come, I’ve even used wild ingredients for cordials and soap making!

One of my most memorable adventures for this year actually occurred on Day 1 when I went to my nearest BCN Wildlife Trust Reserve (Doghouse Grove) and came back covered in cow parsley petals and completely soaked – not from rain, but from fighting my way through the jungle!  Another memorable adventure was when I visited Soham and found some wild orchids and had nature stop me at seemingly every turn!

My wall chart is nicely coloured and filled in, even with today’s haiku (read it at the end of the post!):


Although I’ve done some longer adventures, a lot of it has actually come from my local patch which goes to show that you can be wild anywhere!  I’ve also read loads of blogs this month, sorry, I’ve been unable to comment on them all, but I’ve been inspired to try new things!  There are so many things I planned to do and didn’t manage (like get up for the dawn chorus…yeah…my bed kept winning that fight…) but I guess this goes to show that there is so much that you can do to be wild!

What’s also been great is that I got my little mouse, Colin, involved and we’ve had a great time together.  My favourite had to be when he was using nasturtiums as a hat!  Sadly he’s been feeling a little under the weather the last couple of days, we’re not sure why, we’re keeping an eye on him, so he doesn’t have a final act of wildness for you, but he’s certainly been enjoying his time!

30 Days Wild has been fantastic, I feel more relaxed, more myself and more in-tune with the world around me and I hope you do to!  My blog posts will go back to hopefully being a minimum of a weekly post, but I hope you’ll stick around to find out what I get up to!  My twitter feed will hopefully get a bit more use now I’m not blogging daily, the same with Colin’s instagram!

A final photo, one of the sights I get to see most days in my garden, which always makes me smile.  These two collared doves sitting side by side on the fence no matter what the weather.


Thank you for sticking around through this adventure – onto the next year of being wild!  Thanks should also go to the Wildlife Trusts for setting it up and giving us plenty of ideas!

Today’s Haiku:
Relax, get comfy – breathe.
Be mindful, hear the birds, feel the grass
Never forget nature’s power.

Remember – #STAYWILD

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