30 Days Wild – Day 27

Today I woke up feeling well, but a little dull despite the sunshine.  I’m feeling a little sad that #30DaysWild is reaching its end, but at the same time, I find that blogging every day can get tiring, although I’ve never tired of things to say or to share with you, and I’ve managed something different everyday I think!  My random act of wildness for today involved tasting the wild so I thought I would make a list of some common herbs that are used for teas and infusions with the health benefits they have been traditionally thought to bring.  I’m not a doctor so I’ve no idea if half of these actually do what they say or not, but I thought it was interesting!

  • Nettle leaves – thought to be good for a variety of ailments including colds, anaemia, arthritis and various other ailments.  I have some nettle tea (shop brought) and they are ok although I find that I prefer them flavoured with either a mint or lemon flavour.  Fresh nettle may be different!
  • Chamomile flowers – physically this is thought to soothe the stomach and relief bloating and indigestion.  Mentally it relaxes and soothes the mind, particularly for something struggling to sleep.  Personally I fully advocate chamomile tea before bedtime and can say that it certainly helps me to relax and sleep!
  • Lavender flowers – this has been long used to soothe and relax the mind both for sleep and to relieve depression.  It can also help to treat an upset stomach.  I’m not a big fan of lavender tea as I find it too strong, but a small amount can be okay!
  • Rosemary leaves – thought to be a muscle relaxant and a digestive aid.  I’ve personally not had rosemary tea.
  • Rose hips – thought be beneficial for the immune system in general.  I like the taste of rose hip in tea, although I have only tried the store brought ones!
  • Echinacea – the one I hate to spell!  This is actually good for helping with the common cold.  I’ve not actually tried it when I have a cold because I’ve not had the best of luck growing these plants.  This year I do have a single flower but I’m hoping for a better crop next year!
  • Dandelion – is thought to be generally good for your health.  I’ve never tried this, for some reason I just can’t bring myself to try it – partly because I always worry if I’ve actually got a dandelion as we have a selection of dandelion like flowers in our garden!

The internet is brimming with possibilities for herbal teas, but for my adventure today, I’m going to focus on my favourite wild tea.

Colin also wishes to say hello and is thoroughly enjoying his taste of the wild too (in the form of coconut!).  He has been thoroughly spoilt this evening by one of our dear friends and so is very happy and content!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today for my random act of wildness, I decided I wanted to taste the wild, and what better way to do this than to have a cup of my favourite tea!  Those of you who know me well will know the one herb you expected to see in the above list and didn’t see.  I am, of course, talking about mint.  I’m not fussy on variety of mint either!

I was very happy to discover a patch of mint in our garden which I’ve potted up and hope to install in the herb garden once that’s been drained and sorted.  It is growing very well in its pot and I can envisage many years I’m going to be spending on stopping it taking over the herb garden!


To make a fresh mint tea I simply boil the kettle, while its boiling I will go outside and harvest normally about 4-6 leaves.  I prefer to use the bigger ones from the most established stems.  I try to avoid any with lots of damage as they don’t taste as pleasant!  I take them inside, wash off any bugs or dirt with cold water, put them in the bottom of my mug and apply the hot water from the kettle.  I then allow to cool (most of the time…) before drinking and enjoying the benefits!

I will drink mint tea as a cure for almost anything.  If it doesn’t cure it then at least its made my mind feel better.  In my opinion it is one of the best herbs for mental relaxation and inducing feelings of happiness.  It’s almost certainly all in my mind, but it makes me feel better nevertheless!

I also love getting a taste of the wild!  I’m a firm believer in the power of nature and that God wouldn’t have given us all these wonderful edible plants if we weren’t supposed to eat them and use them.  I’m sure He also planted them for our benefit too!

Today, I made some fresh mint tea for myself and my friend who came to visit with her husband (the same friend who spoilt Colin rotten and made him very happy!).  As my coasters say “Tea is better with friends!”  Incidentally, Colin isn’t allowed mint, it isn’t good for him and could make him very ill – an extra random fact for you!  (For any new readers, Colin is my pet mouse who has been helping me out with #30DaysWild!)


Today’s haiku has the name: Ode To Mint Tea

Today’s Haiku: Ode To Mint Tea
Refreshing and delightful
Soothe my soul with your tea
My pleasant garden mint

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