30 Days Wild – Day 25

I’ve had another quiet day for the 25th.  After last week’s mayhem and busyness it is pleasant to have had a quiet week.  My week has mostly been pottering around the house and garden and working on a new website and continuing to ready my Etsy shop.

I thought I’d share another poem with you today before I talk about my adventure and let Colin tell you about his!  This one is another of my favourites, and now that midsummer’s day has past and the night’s steadily grow shorter it is one I often think of as we head to Autumn, particularly as I’m so sensitive to daylight hours!

‘When summer’s end is nighing’ from Last Poems
By A. E. Housman

When summer’s end is nighing
_And skies at evening cloud,
I muse on change and fortune
_And all the feats I vowed
_When I was young and proud.

The weathercock at sunset
_Would lose the slanted ray,
And I would climb the beacon
_That looked to Wales away
_And saw the last of day.

From hill and cloud and heaven
_The hues of evening died;
Night welled through lane and hollow
_And hushed the countryside,
_But I had youth and pride.

And I with earth and nightfall
_In converse high would stand,
Late, till the west was ashen
_And darkness hard at hand,
_And the eye lost the land.

The year might age, and cloudy
_The lessening day might close,
But air of other summers
_Breathed from beyond the snows,
_And I had hope of those.

They came and were and are not
_And come no more anew;
And all the years and seasons
_That ever can ensue
_Must now be worse and few.

So here’s an end of roaming
_On eves when autumn nights:
The ear too fondly listens
_For summer’s parting sighs,
_And then the heart replies.

A lovely poem for the end of Summer, although in reality we’ve not long really started Summer!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today my adventure hasn’t been very interesting.  I spent most of it pottering around the garden, planting out our jungle of runner bean plants and picking a few weeds from amongst the vegetables.

I thought today I’d identify some of the weeds we have!  Although I call them weeds, I don’t tend to pull them out unless they are in my vegetable patch.  As a lot of them are pretty and provide food for bees and other insects I tend to just leave them!


The Ragwort has meant that our garden has been home to a cinnabar moth this year!  These are definitely one of my favourite moths!


And some of our garden delights which are intended to be there, but they are pretty so I felt like sharing them!

Today’s Haiku:
Weeds can be a pain.
But not always if they grow
Where you have naught else

Colin’s Adventure
Colin very much enjoyed his adventure today, but remember to be careful if you bring anything from your garden into your small pet and look up to see if it will harm them.

Today Mummy brought me in some flowers!  They are called nasturtiums – although I thought the name Nasty Urchins was a much better one!  Mummy said they I could eat them, but I wasn’t very keen on that so I went for sticking my nose in them, lifting them up and making Mummy laugh!  Mummy’s photography wasn’t good enough to get a photo of me with it on my head but I did have a lovely time!

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