30 Days Wild – Day 20

Today’s post is going to be hopefully short to read, but with lots of photos (because if a photo tells a thousand words, then I’ve written a thesis!).  I’ve not been feeling very well today – partly a cold and partly the weather.  I seem to be incredibly sensitive to the weather and this is very noticeable when the day started off like today did – grey clouds and showery rain, but the final rain shower of the day did bring a welcome relief – read the rest of the post to find out why!  As I’m not feeling great I’m just going to plough on with my adventure and I’ll resume the normal selection of interesting facts or stories tomorrow.

Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today I decided that the time had come to go and explore a churchyard.  These can make wonderful havens for wildlife and I’ve found that a variety of wildflowers can thrive.  Today’s churchyard was my local one at St. Andrew’s Church in Sutton near Ely.  The village has a conservation society which has an area of the churchyard to care for and manage.  This year they’ve let the plants grow (but helpfully kept a few paths around!).  A few weeks ago at the start of June I popped in here on my sunset walk and decided that I really needed to come here and focus on it.

Before I headed to the churchyard, I obviously had to have a quick check around my garden for anything of interest:


I decided to go the straight route to the churchyard, which is just following the High Street so there wasn’t anything of massive interest on the way.  The churchyard however had a large amount of interesting things, this is but a small selection:

At this point I decided that I should head for home and write up about my exciting time.  Nature once again had other plans for me by tipping a rather large amount of water on head…it was seriously raining in that shower.  But, it lasted for around 10 or 15 minutes before heading off the hill that Sutton sits on and on towards Haddenham leaving a trail of blue sky in its wake.  I quickly realised that if I rushed down to the footpath near the bottom of the village I’d be able to get a lovely shot of the rain shower as it hurried ever on!

The rain was a Godsend at that moment in time.  It had fallen and cleansed the air and the ground.  It had also cleansed my brain.  As it rained I imagined that it had been sent to wash away the morose and ill feelings I had and gave me a burst of happiness with the fresh rays of sunlight!  This was my first moment of stopping and pausing today.  The rain hit my face with just the right amount of force and at just the right temperature.  It was thick, blobby rain – my favourite kind.  The kind that hits your face gently and creates babbling streams on your cheeks and in your hair.  I just had to dash down to the footpath and capture some photos of the wonderful rain shower!

As ever, I managed to get distracted on the way by the collection of birds and flowers that had clearly felt as refreshed as I did!

Once I reached my intended viewpoint I wasn’t disappointed!  My second moment of stopping and paying attention was to stand and watch the clouds move over the next 20 minutes.  I took some photos regularly and have put a selection in order in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After this I decided that as I was still rather damp (denim doesn’t dry out very well) it really was going to be home time, although I did first stop for a lovely chat with someone interested in photography and buy some broad beans from outside someones house.  I got home to discover that my washing line had gained some watery pearls (and a spider’s web, fortunately with hidden spider!).

Today was an interesting day.  I went out with one intention which I fulfilled, yet found the power of nature once again took me in her hands and let me down a different path.  I didn’t know what to tell you about most, so decided that both was clearly the best idea!

Today’s Haiku:
Cleansing, sheltering rain,
Falling amid the tombstones.
A passing shower.

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