30 Days Wild – Day 19

I can’t quite believe that we’re nearly a third of the way through 30 Days Wild already!  June seems to have started and continued with rapid speed, completely unrelenting.  I’ve decided therefore that this final third I’m going to try and take some time out each day to pause and pay attention to what’s going on around me.  I’ll start properly tomorrow, but today I did spend some time admiring what is probably one of the smallest of my garden fruits, but will probably end up as one of the most abundent once its settled into this new garden!

This is just a short post for today because I’ve spent most of the day out Morris Dancing at a village fete in Lode.  It was an absolutely wonderful event and the highlight for me was when we asked for volunteers to help us with our final dance and we got a group of excited children and we taught them to Morris dance and everyone had a wonderful time – possibly us proud Granta Blue dancers most of all just from watching the children having such a good time!

After Morris dancing we invited our fellow dancers back to our house for dinner and a newly purchased game of Cluedo!  This turned out to be a brilliant buy for 50p at the fete – its not your standard Cluedo, for a start it’s set on a train station in Instanbul and the gameplay is slightly different.  It’s called Cluedo – Passport To Murder and if you can get a copy to play I thoroughly recommend it!  These friends are also big fans of little Colin so instead of a wild playtime he got to play with them!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

In aid of stopping to pause and pay attention I decided to start small.  I decided that you couldn’t get much smaller than my gorgeous little Alpine Strawberries!  These were brought across from our old garden and are settling in fairly well here.  In a year or two I’m hoping they will be flourishing, as we’ve not actually had that many this year – but they do make for a lovely fleeting taste.  If you’ve not tasted them, they have a strong and intense flavour for something so small – think of the taste of a whole normal strawberry, add a slight sourness, but keep the sweetness and squish that taste into a tiny ball and you’re not far off!  If you get a chance to try one (or even better, a handful!) then definitely do!

This strawberry soon became a tiny snack for me after its photo shoot, but I feel it could be immortalised in todays haiku!

Today’s Haiku:
Seeded red fruit
Intense, sweet, sour taste
A snails snack

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