30 Days Wild – Day 16

Today (16th June) has been a very long and rather stressed day.  As a result I only did a little wild activity, which I’ll tell you about when I’ve told you the story.  On Wednesday night, I was due to be playing two gigs at two different May Balls.  The night started fine with me leaving on time and picking a friend up on time and we headed down into Cambridge.  Not far from where we were due to car I got pulled over by a police car and told that my brakes lights had failed me!  A stressful moment, but fortunately not too serious (other than needing to take the car into a garage and wondering if I was going to be able to get the car home again).  The first gig went well, we went to the second, that was less good but was still a successful May Ball.  The real problems began when I discovered that someone had broken my wing mirror off my car and it was dangling rather precariously by a single spring and the cables that allow you to position the mirror from the inside.  There went my plan for going home and sleeping the day away…  My brake lights were fortunately working at this point (and we have worked out that there is a problem with the switch under the brake pedal) so we had a very amusing journey of about 10 minutes where my friend held my wing mirror on for me as we drove very slowly to a more suitable parking space where I wasn’t going to be in the way or get fined.

Fortunately my very kind friend let me sleep on her spare mattress for a couple of hours before I embarked on a difficult shopping trip to find some duct tape to attach my wing mirror.  It turns out that duct tape is quite hard to find in central Cambridge.  I was very grumpy on my return to the car, but I did then manage to successfully attach the wing mirror so that it would cause me problems for getting home!  At this point I was feeling very tired, but kind friend let me come back to her room and let me have a very welcome cup of tea before I headed home (slowly).

A normal, sane person might then have gone to bed…but I wanted to firstly tidy up the piles of stuff that had accumulated on the kitchen and living room floors and tables (sound kit, instruments, gig clothes, mugs…you name it, it wasn’t pretty) before our friends came round for dinner and a little bit of band practise and general organisation (*see right at the end of the post for more info on the band!).  I then decided that giving myself a piano lesson was also a great idea (honestly, I’m not very sane when I’m overtired) so I ended up not having a nap and having a fun afternoon instead.  Our friends came round for the evening and at one point we did discuss 30 Days Wild and I told them about what I’d done in the last couple of days.  They very kindly read all my posts – lots of my Cambridge friends have been very interested in what I’ve been up to, so now seems a great time to say thank you to everyone who reads my posts because there wouldn’t be a lot of point publishing this stuff for people to read if no-one read it!

Colin only got a short playtime today because after band practise I took my laptop upstairs and watched half an episode of Springwatch as I got ready for bed (I’m catching up very very very slowly…I know it’s just finished, but I’m still on Episode 5 out of 12 so no giving me spoilers (other than what I’ve already seen on Twitter!)).

Stephanelli’s Adventure

As we waved our friends off, I discovered that our sweet peas had come into flower and were looking decidedly gorgeous and were beautiful colours so I stopped for a few minutes to spend some time admiring them and their beauty.  Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers – I love that they look quite exotic, but in reality they are very similar to the vetches that are native wildflowers here in Britain!  These photos I didn’t take last night, but I took this afternoon instead when the light was better and you can see the beautiful colours!

I love the way that the plant climbs up the wires, the wall and even other plants to get to the sunlight and display its beautiful blooms.  Nature has made us plants in so many different varieties and I think its wonderful to have so much diversity – it would be a shame if that were lost in nature due to human activities.  Biodiversity is important for the well-being of our planet yet we still remove habitats for our buildings and projects.  Thankfully we have some wonderful charities like the Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, Woodland Trust and more (to name but a few) that help to protect nature, but every little you can do helps!

Today’s Haiku:
Colourful and exotic
Tendrils climb the wall –
Tightly grip the wire

*The band’s called Fluidic and if you’re thinking about having a ceilidh in the Cambridgeshire area (or potentially further away) we’d love to hear from you.  We’re a young and energetic band with up to 5 people who play a variety of instruments.  Our website is here (it does still need a little updating – but you can find out more about us) and you can contact us via email (info at fluidicfolk.co.uk) for a quote.

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