30 Days Wild – Day 15

Thanks to the joy that is May Week, I’m a couple of days behind on my blogging so I’m planning to keep this post fairly short.  May Week has gone well, altohugh a few incidents put my blogging back further than expected but I’ll explain what happened in the post for Day 16 as it happened on that day!  Day 15 saw me heading into Cambridge for more soundchecks, and as the weather wasn’t awful I decided to arrive early and be wild in Cambridge.  I’ll tell you about that shortly, but first, I thought I’d share a few facts once again from my AA Book of the British Countryside.  Reading time has been at a premium so I’m once again still in the B section (its arranged alphabetically!) and my facts all come from the section about birds:

  • There are around 8600 species of bird living in the world, around 470 have been spotted in Britian (although not all live and breed here all year round)
  • A swan may have more than 25000 feathers, most are for insulation but the important ones are the flight feathers
  • Swifts mate on the wing

Colin is having a good time playing at the moment and is currently enjoying the run of his lollystick pirate ship, The Black Mouse I.  If you can imagine him with an eye patch I think he’d look very wild!  (The Black Mouse II is in the planning, am awaiting the inevitably sad sinkage of Black Mouse which will occur due to holes in the wood where Colin will dash it against some rocks on a small Pacific island (a.k.a. the mouse chews it to pieces)). I I’m hoping to make him some nature inspired toys out of lollysticks – if you’ve got any ideas do share them!  I’m planning on making him a tree to climb but that’s as far as my ideas have got – so comment with ideas!  Here’s a cute photo of him in case you’ve been missing the cuteness!


Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today I was heading into Cambridge for yet another soundcheck and decided to arrive very early and have a longer walk from my car to the college.  I definitely needed my gentle, relaxing stroll through some of the parks and green spaces near the river.  Here are a delightful collection of photos from my walk:

I’d forgotten how beautiful the green spaces of Cambridge are and it was lovely to visit them again.  I also love the swans in Cambridge, and I enjoyed watching the cygnets feeding with their parents looking after them!  Today’s haiku is about the swans.

Today’s Haiku:
Sleek white ghost
Serene, watchful and patient
Guarding her cygnets

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2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – Day 15

  1. I love the cow photo, I used to like walking across the bit of park/Cam bank with them in it (can’t remember its name) although a lady once told me off for feeding them. And it’s nice to see more Colin too!


    • Thank you! Yes, I forget its name, but its a lovely walk. Very overgrown at the moment but the cows are doing their job wonderfully! I’m not sure I’ve seen these ones with the horns here before though, maybe its just been a while since I properly looked at them though!


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