30 Days Wild – Day 13

I tried so hard to catch up my day behind yesterday but life had other plans for me.  I headed to my first May Ball sound check (got my first drenching of rain on the way too) and that all went to time (always a good sign at a May Ball!).  I then headed to Hobbycraft to get some crafty things (I’m reopening my Etsy shop soon and I’m planning on starting off by selling homemade soaps and hopefully some hand knitted/crocheted items as well as some sewn items – if I get it done during 30 Days Wild I’m sure it’ll feature here!).  This was also fine if a little wet.  Then I tried to head home from Hobbycraft and got stuck in a rather large amount of traffic and so ended up with very little time to do the Wild activity I had planned (nor the one for Colin as well).  I went to bed really early as I had to arrive at 11:30pm to start playing from midnight till 1:30am!  This is comparatively sensible for May Balls.  On Wednesday night I’ll be playing two gigs, the first is from 1:30 – 3:00am and the second is from 4:00 – 5:30am!  I’m not doing any tonight, but I am helping with sound checks so I’m hoping that I have enough time to fit in a slightly more exciting Wild Activity today!

But on to the adventure!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

With so little time on my hands and with the weather having drenched me a couple of times already I decided that I might as well just enjoy the rain and have a relaxing few minutes feeling it on my face and having a twirl and just generally enjoying it.

It put me in mind of the summer I went to India.  There, it’s so hot and humid that the rain comes as welcome relief and is just the right level of warm, but too warm.  That’s what the rain felt like to me – when I was walking to the sound check from my car you could almost have thought it was a cool Indian monsoon (just much less muddy than I remember India being)!

Before I get onto Today’s Haiku – I discovered that haiku’s don’t have to follow the 5 – 7 – 5 syllable pattern we’re taught it does!  That’s because when written in their original language of Japanese, they count the sounds rather than the syllables.  But its more complicated than that because the sounds aren’t what we’d expected them to be.  If you’re interested, this article from NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) explains it very nicely and in plenty of detail.

Today’s Haiku:
Rain like pearls
Falling warmth, ofttimes heavy
Refreshes the world

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