30 Days Wild – Day 11

I apologise that this post didn’t get written yesterday but it was such a busy day that I was just had no time to sit at the computer and by the time I got home I wanted to go to bed!  Firstly, the cover photo up the top is actually from my trip to Soham Meadows – just an extra bonus photo!  Secondly, some random facts from my AA Book of the British Countryside:

  • There are 4 species of bindweed in the UK and all but one of them are treated as weeds and can be incredibly hard to get rid of.  The species are Black Bindweed, Field Bindweed, Hedge Bindweed and Sea Bindweed (not normally a problem).
  • There are a number of edible berries growing wild in the UK (and more that aren’t!).
  • Edible berries are Cowberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, cloudberry, cranberry, billberry, elderberry and raspberry.  I don’t recommend eating any unless you are entirely convinced of its identification though.
  • Inedible berries include hawthorn, rowan and rosehips.
  • Poisonous berries include guelder rose, spindle tree, nightshades (of several types), bryonys (couple of varieties) and privet.

Colin sadly has no exciting adventure to tell you other than that his latest favourite snack is a bar that I hang in his cage and contains some apple and carrots and that he seems very delighted with!  I have another busy day ahead of me so today’s post might turn up instead of today!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today I took to the streets of St. Neots to dance outside!  This, of course, means its Morris Dance season and today we were dancing at a Day of Dance as part of the St. Neots Folk Festival.  We had an absolutely wonderful time.  Plenty of dancing, meeting new sides and an excellent pie for lunch thanks to a small but good market!  A couple of photos of us dancing (courtesy of my fiance) and then I should head off and continue with my busy day!

Today’s Haiku:
Dancing in the street
Clash your sticks and ring your bells
Fun for all to see!

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