30 Days Wild – Day 10

Day 10!  A third of the way through!  Today we’re celebrating Moth Night so I thought I’d share a few mothy facts before I got started!

  • There are more than 2000 species of moths in Britian
  • Moths have really cute furry antennae
  • Moths will fly at a constant angle to a light bulb.  Although they will go straight if steering by the moon!

Colin doesn’t have an adventure to share today but hopefully he’ll delight you in a day or two and I’ve only got a short post for you today!

Stephanelli’s Adventure
Today is Moth Night!  So I set up a sheet in the garden, shone a garden light and a torch at it and waited.  High tech moth-ing here!

Sadly not much came to visit at all.  Maybe they ended up in a bat’s stomach, maybe today just wasn’t a good day for moths.  Who knows.  This little fellow did come to investigate though!


I also found this little one in the bathroom:


Sadly not the most exciting moth adventure, hopefully I’ll see more another time!  I took a few shots of some flowers in the garden while there was still some light.

Today’s Haiku:
Crisp, white sheet, bright light
Irresistable for moths?

Only one tonight.

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