30 Days Wild – Day 8

My thought on typing the title in this post was “day 8?  how’s it only day 8!?”  But then I realised this meant even more time for being wild!  I’m loving it so far – to the point where once again I’m sat in the garden attempting to read a laptop screen with sunglasses on in bright sunshine and write a blog post.  (Why not go inside I hear you ask…because this might be all the Summer we poor English people get!  And its warm out here and cool inside.  I love nothing more than warmth!)  I once again have nothing to share from Colin as he seems to be in a phase of partying all night (and he’s finally learnt how to run on his wheel) and therefore not wanting to play wild games and preferring to have cuddle time.

I don’t have any interesting (or uninteresting) facts today but I will show you a picture of the first week of my wallchart.  I’ve been writing my daily haiku’s on it!


Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today my wild adventure came in the form of my usual Wednesday morning volunteering.  #30DaysWild last year inspired me to visit Godmanchester Nature Reserve and become a Walking Warden of the reserve.  This led to helping out at pond-dipping sessions over the Summer holidays and then to what I’m currently doing.

Every morning a group of about 10 disabled teens and their teachers from a local academy come along to the reserve and help us.  This has involved cutting down bramble bushes to placing some reptile mats and even to building a willow fence.  Today we had a fairly easy task of cutting down bramble and nettles that were encroaching onto the paths and the kissing gates.  It is always wonderful to see the sense of achievement in the children – they’ve done something useful and well and we tell them so!  We also teach them a little about the nature they’re seeing.  Today I pointed out a scarce chaser dragonfly and we watched it for a while.  We also spotted a cinnabar moth and a number of other creatures.  Some of them take particular pleasure in going up into the bird hide and spotting some birds and wanting to know what they are!

I get a lot out of volunteering, particularly with this group.  As I don’t have a regular full-time job I don’t tend to see many people during the week and so this is a chance to have a different conversations for me, but also to enjoy the fact that I know I’m helping out those less fortunate than I am and also doing my bit for the nature reserve and its wildlife.  I believe that volunteering is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’d recommend it to everyone.  You don’t have to go and walk several miles round a nature reserve every week, it could be a simple thing of going to talk to elderly people in a home – it doesn’t even have to be officially recognised.  An act of volunteering just means you’re doing something for someone else, without thought of the lost (or gains) to yourself.

As this is volunteering week, I’d like to challenge you to volunteer.  Big or small it doesn’t matter.  Before I head off, I’ll leave you with a collection of photos from the reserve this morning.

Today’s Haiku:
Helping just because
Together we’ll get things done
Benefits for all

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