30 Days Wild – Day 7

Today, after a short shopping trip this morning in the picturesque city of Ely, I holed myself up indoors with a cold and did some comfort sewing.  Turns out that it might not have been a cold and actually been a bad bout of hayfever – one of the worst I’ve had.  I tried to get Colin to have some wild playtime last night and this afternoon, but he was much more interested in looking round his newly cleaned and decorated home so I left him to it!  Today’s post will be a shorter length!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

This evening I headed out into the garden to explore a patch of grass which we’ve left entirely unmown.  It’s actually in our front garden and was where we originally had some daffodils which we didn’t won’t to mow with the first cut of the year so we left it all to grow wild!


As you might expect there are plenty of grasses which are looking very pretty at the moment, I haven’t gone through and ID-ed them all as I find grasses tricky to ID – maybe a task for later in the month or even next year!

My favourite grass though is definitely this one:


As well as grasses there were a few flowering plants as well:

My favourite flowering find was this beautiful plant.  Its only about 15cm high and so delicate.  I have aboslutely no idea what it is and would love it if anyone knew and commented below!  I’ve also posted a message on Twitter about it so hopefully someone can help!


Finally, as well as the plants I found a couple of creatures too!  There wasn’t many as it was evening and was about the time when our garden creatures settle down for the night.

First is a Sloe Bug, also known as a Hairy Bug.  Its a species of stink bug that really loves berries.  This is bad news for the garden as near to this grassy section there are loganberries, gooseberries, cranberries, blueberries and black, white and red currants!  It makes them inedible by covering them with a stinky substance!


The final surprising find was a beautiful Blue-Tailed Damselfly!  We have no pond or anything and I’m not aware of the neighbours having any so I was quite surprised to see this hanging around the grass!  We aren’t too far away from the Ouse Washes, at least in human terms – surely this little damselfly hasn’t flown up from there!?


Its actually quite amazing the amount of wildlife you can discovered in a small patch of garden – I didn’t realise our garden was at least a resting place for a damselfly and I’m stunned by the amount of plants I’m discovering we actually have!  I’d love for some help identifying the cute plant – tweet me or comment below!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be up for a slightly wilder day!

Today’s Haiku:
Damselflies and bugs.
Secret blooms – tiny, fragile.
Grass.  Giver of life.

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