30 Days Wild – Day 4

Hello there!  I hope everyone is enjoying #30DaysWild as much as Colin and I are!  I don’t have any random facts for today as I’ve been in central Cambridge going Wedding Dress Shopping.  A simultaneously terrifying yet very exciting experience, but one that left me feeling the need of a nature fix.  Colin also had an exciting wild playtime last night that he’ll be telling you about as well.

Stephanelli’s Adventure
After all the excitement of today in Cambridge, this evening after dinner I took my fiance for a romantic, sunset walk of our home village – Sutton-in-the-Isle.  We had a lovely time, him in his muddy shoes and me in my wellies.  A complete difference to the immaculate dress shops with their pristine white and ivory dresses!  I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves today as this is quite a late time to be writing this post!

It was a lovely walk and just what I needed.  A chance to spend time with someone I love dearly, and relax and just breathe out all the stresses that had been building up to me going dress shopping.  We were treated to an extra special delight of pipistrelle bats performing some stunning acrobatics in our front garden in the fading light.  We’ll definitely be going out to watch the bats later in June!

Today’s Haiku:
Two people, one walk
Sunset hues, one lone deer
Bats flitter, love soars.

Colin’s Adventure
I’ll let Colin tell you all about his adventure shortly, but just wanted to say that Colin loves what everyone has been up to for #30DaysWild and hopes you all keep it up.  Maybe next year he’ll be able to go wild for 30 Days too!

Hello!  I was really excited when Mummy got me out for playtime yesterday, because she put me into the play box (a biiiiiggggg cardboard box) which normally means something new and often more pumpkin seeds!  Mummy gave me some seashells and a small mussel shell to play with.  She bribed me to look at them with pumpkin seeds which I thought was very nice of her.  I tried to eat one of the shells but it wasn’t very tasty and was quite hard for my little teeth!  Shells are interesting textures.  Mummy told me that creatures might have lived in these shells.  They’d be smaller than me and I’m only little!  I think these were also prettier than the stones I investigated last time.  I hope Mummy gets me something good to play with next time!  I got Mummy to take a couple of cute photos of me playing.  Enjoy being wild!

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