30 Days Wild – Day 3

Once again, morning poetry eluded me but there will be haiku at the end!  I don’t have any interesting facts to give you that I’ve read either!  In short I’ve had a busy morning and afternoon!  Before I tell you about that just a brief update to tell you that Colin won’t be blogged about in this post, but I’m hoping to get him to do some wild time this evening and I’ll let him tell you all about it tomorrow!  As I’ve done a couple of long posts I’m going to try and keep this one fairly short (but full of pictures)!  Final random update – my walking boots still haven’t dried out after my adventure among the cow parsley for day 1 of #30DaysWild!

Stephanelli’s Adventure

Today I joined forces with Liz from the Ecology Liz blog to see who could find the most species of wildflowers!  I really enjoyed the competition because it meant that I actually paid attention to far more species of wildflower than I would normally – particularly the smaller ones!  I’ve listed them below in a fairly random order and also some bonus photos at the end (because why not).  All plants are ID-ed to the best of my abilities, you’re welcome to contradict me!

I’m delighted to have won the competition with 33 species to Liz’s 24 species!  It was great fun and if anyone wants to do anything similar do get in contact in the comments or on twitter or however else you know me!

  1. DaisyDSC01901 - Daisy _800x600
  2. CleaverDSC01902 - Cleaver_800x600
  3. DandelionDSC01948 dandelion_800x600
  4. Petty spurgeDSC01904 - Petty Spurge_800x600
  5. Ground ivyDSC01906 - Ground Ivy_800x600
  6. Herb bennetDSC01942 Herb Bennet_800x600
  7. Sun spurgeDSC01909 - Sun spurge_800x600
  8. Meadow ButtercupDSC01976 buttercup_800x600
  9. Ox-eye daisyDSC01911 - Ox-eye daisy_800x600
  10. ForgetmenotDSC01914 - Forgetmenot_800x600
  11. Lesser trefoil (such a tricky plant to photograph!)DSC01916 - lesser trefoil_800x600
  12. Shepherd’s purseDSC01917 Shepherd's Purse_800x600
  13. Green helleboreDSC01918 - Green Hellebore_800x600
  14. CranesbillDSC01921 - Cranesbill_800x600
  15. PoppyDSC01927 Poppy_800x600
  16. Oil seed rapeDSC01957 oilseed rape_800x600
  17. Dovesfoot cranesbillDSC01939 dovesfoot cranesbill_800x600
  18. Cow parsley (I think I’ve seen enough cow parsley to last me the year :P)DSC01932 cow parsley_800x600
  19. Corn buttercup (distinguished by the leaves which I manage to not include in the photo!)DSC01952 corn buttercup_800x600
  20. White dead nettleDSC01936 White dead nettle_800x600
  21. Small flowered cranesbillDSC01937 small flowered cranesbill_800x600
  22. Thale cressDSC01938 thale cress_800x600
  23. Red cloverDSC01944 Red Clover_800x600
  24. White cloverDSC01946 - white clover_800x600
  25. SpeedwellDSC01943 wood speedwell_800x600
  26. Garlic mustardDSC01947 garlic mustard_800x600
  27. BittersweetDSC01950 bittersweet_800x600
  28. BrambleDSC01974 bramble_800x600
  29. SilverweedDSC01955 silverweed_800x600
  30. Common vetchDSC01963 - Common vetch_800x600
  31. Marsh marigoldDSC01965 marsh marigold_800x600
  32. Stinging nettleDSC01975 stinging nettle_800x600
  33. Wild garlicDSC01990 wild garlic_800x600

A gallery of bonus photos:

Today was a wonderful adventure – its been great fun and it was really nice to actually open my eyes see all those tiny, little flowers that I often walk straight by!  Its also been lovely getting to know Liz (and discovering we have a number of things in common!) – #30DaysWild is great in so many ways, not least because it lets me make new friends!

Today’s haiku:
Search high, look below,
Big, small, pale, bright, plain, detailed,
Flowers all around

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