30 Days Wild – Why You Should Take Part

30DAYSWILD_ID1 black_600x718Can you believe that 30 Days Wild starts tomorrow!?  May seems to have gone in a blur of gardening, crafting, wedding planning and general madness!  I haven’t made half the posts I intended to or helped advertise 30 Days Wild as much as I would like to have!

There is still time to sign up and join in!  Its a campaign I thoroughly recommend taking part in because it is great for your health and makes you more passionate about nature.  Since I took part last year, I’ve noticed that I’m much more aware of nature and that being in nature helps my moods improve.  Its also been a fantastic way to improve my photography skills and learn something new.  Taking part also inspired me to volunteer with the Wildlife Trusts which means I get to meet new people and help look after nature.

I’ll be blogging very day (I hope!) throughout June and keeping you updated on what I’ve been up to.  Another exciting thing is that my cute little mouse, Colin, is going to be having his own mini wild adventure too!  For the worrying pet owners out there: don’t panic, it will be done in the safest possible way to stop him getting ill or stressed.  He won’t be going outside except on my hands, so I’m going to bring something in for him to enjoy most days that will have been decontaminated from anything that might harm him.  He may not have a wild adventure every day, but I hope it will enrich his life and give him a new form of stimulation that’s different from his normal toys and games.

I have lots planned for both of us, so I’m looking forward to a fantastic month!  (And if you haven’t already, get the 30 Days Wild app – it has loads of great ideas on it and will make a lovely diary for you!)  Before I go, a couple of pictures I snapped yesterday.  See you around in June!

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