Chettisham Meadow

I feel very proud of myself this week – 3 blog posts in 3 days!  I don’t normally aim to post quite that frequently, but as 30 Days Wild is approaching soon, I decided that I should get into the habit of updating my blog more frequently, and learn how scheduling of posts works!  This post was actually written on Wednesday, but the clever scheduling means that it goes out today and I don’t forget about it!

Anyway, this post is about a trip I made to Chettisham Meadows on Monday.  I loved this meadow so much.  Mostly because it was full of a variety of flowers which are my absolute favourites.  In case you’re wondering – that’s orchids.  I love orchids.  Even better if they’re wild ones like these ones were!

To get to the meadow you park up in the little village of Chettisham near the beautiful church:


You then walk along a farm track (pause to make friends with some horses), cross the very busy A10 (take so much care here!!) down another track and finally down an overgrown grassy path before finally reaching the meadow (all the while passing some beautiful blossom trees and plenty of butterflies:)

When you first look into the meadow it looks like another field covered in long grasses:


But as soon as you get in and start heading round you discover a wealth of colour and beauty.  Today it was mostly green-winged orchids and buttercups with a smattering of cowslips here and there, a clump of bluebells and a little sweet pea plant tucked away by a fence!  I’m going to let my photos speak for themselves, I cannot tell you more than they show you.

To start with, all the flowers that aren’t orchids:

And finally, the orchids themselves.  I was in heaven.  Orchids, butterflies, sunshine and a camera – what more could anyone want?

It is well worth a visit to this little reserve purely for this beauty.  I mentioned earlier that there were plenty of butterflies around as well, I took a survey as I went and saw the following species: Holly Blue, Orange-top, Speckled Wood, Large White, Small White and Brimstone.  So to end this post, some butterflies.  Because I love butterflies.

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