Doghouse Grove

Hello again!  Today I wanted to tell you about my walk around Doghouse Grove.  Its one of the smallest of BCN Wildlife Trust reserves but is still ever so beautiful.  Before I start I just wanted to remind you about the 30 Days Wild campaign and how I think its such a great idea and that everyone should take part!  You can find out more about I love it in this blog post from last week, or more generally on the Wildlife Trusts’ website!

Doghouse Grove is a beautiful little spinney containing a series of monastic fishponds.  I’m not sure whether they would have been for the monks of Ely, Ramsey or a smaller monastic centre nearby, but I can imagine it would have been a relaxing place!  The whole area was covered in a beautiful bright yellow carpet of Celandine and there was an area where there must have been a stunning display of daffodils a few weeks ago!

There were many birds singing, but I saw very few of them.  I heard a green woodpecker, a pheasant in a nearby field, several tits, blackbirds, robins, wrens and lots more that I couldn’t identify.  I recorded a short amount of the beautiful sounds:

Here is a gallery of photos from my walk, I’m trying out the slideshow option, what do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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