Roswell Pits

Hello, welcome back to another blog post!  Before I get into it, what do you think of my new theme?  I decided that with 30 Days Wild coming up I should have a spring-clean of this blog and make it look all nice and shiny new.  I think it shows off my pictures beautifully on the front page, although I think it looks a bit odd on tablet size pages – it’s particularly nice on a wide-ish computer screen!  Anyway, diversion over with…on with the nature!

On Tuesday I found myself looking at the sunshine and going “it’s so nice outside, I have to go somewhere, spend some time in the outside world!”  So I did, after some thought I decided to head across to Roswell Pits because it was fairly close by and it’s a BCN Wildlife Trust area and I’d really quite like to visit most of their reserves, at least the Cambridgeshire ones, hopefully the rest too!

It wasn’t quite as I expected it to be.  In a car, you arrive at Kiln Lane and park near the top, then you walk past the Environment Agency building and down the hill.  Before long you’re given a stunning view across the lake towards Ely Cathedral and another beautiful view across the other side.  If you cross the railway line and go through a factory area you can join onto the footpath near the river, although I couldn’t find the sign posts so didn’t make it to the river.  I saw a number of lovely birds – including two pairs of Great Crested Grebes, one pair appeared to have made a nest although I wasn’t able to snap a picture due to the trees confusing my camera – below are a collection of pictures I did snap.  From this area you can link up to a country park area and walk up into Ely itself – this is also a very pleasant walk!  Personally I find Ely to be a lovely place so it was a bonus discovering a hidden wetlands area so close to it!

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2 thoughts on “Roswell Pits

  1. Lovely photos and what a beautiful day to be outside!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was beautiful, I would quite like to go back at a time when the sun is in a slightly better position for taking photos of the cathedral – my camera and filters didn’t manage to solve the problem of bright sky *and* water!


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