30 Days Wild – Again!

I discovered this morning that the 30 Days Wild campaign has been relaunched for June 2016 and I’m already so excited!  For those of you who haven’t been following my blog from the beginning, the whole reason this blog was started was for 30 Days Wild 2015 so I could share ideas and tell people about the wild thing I’d done each day and generally enthuse people to get back into nature!

Its also made me a much more relaxed and happier person in general.  While many people kept on with 365 Days Wild, I decided not to share these – although most of my days do still have some form of wildness involved – from the simple admiring of my garden to the planned hikes around the fenland (is it a hike if it doesn’t involve a hill?  I think so, but others may doubt!).  The campaign also encouraged me to volunteer with the local Wildlife Trust over at Godmanchester Nature Reserve – regular followers will know this takes up a large amount of my blog now!  I think its a great campaign and everyone should get involved because it doesn’t even have to take very long each day!

You can see a list of my ideas that I made last year over here and the collection of blog posts from 2015 on this page.  If you’re inspired to join me, then you can sign up for pack of useful ideas and a pretty wallchart on the Wildlife Trusts Website!  Go…go sign up!

I’ll be sharing my wild adventures, both over April and May on a regular (but not daily – probably weekly) basis, and will be blogging daily about my wild time throughout June!

Finally, in the spirit of wildness, a photo of springtime cheer!  A daffodil near Ely Cathedral.


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