A Little Pet

I apologise for not having posted for a while.  I’ve had the most exciting time and I’ve been busier than ever with the rest of life!  With Spring just about here (despite the cold, wind and rain) I’ve been starting off planting some seeds and starting to do more work in the garden.  The music and craft parts of life remain busy – and they’ve suffered a lack of blogging as well sadly.  However, this post is going to tell you about my most exciting wild adventure and the reason why I really haven’t been blogging as much as I should!

The big news… … …we have a pet!

The little news… … …we decided on a little mouse.  We called him Colin.

Colin is a fairly typical fancy mouse.  A fancy mouse is just a mouse that isn’t a wild mouse.  He’s not a show mouse so anything, but he’s so adoreable.  He’s broken marked recessive yellow in colour.  We’ve only had him a little over 3 weeks but he’s stolen our hearts and with love him dearly already.  He is about 2 months old currently.  He is incredibly curious, loves to scurry around his home and climb on all the new toys.  He is getting much tamer – today at long last I managed to get him to come to my hand in his home.  This is the first time he’s done this, normally I’d get him in a toilet roll tube and get him out from there.  Once out, we either put him in a slightly larger play box or just let him climb on our hands/arms/head/body – anywhere on us that isn’t the floor.  The downside of this is that we get pooped and weed on most days, but there’s something wonderful about this little creature running up amd down your arms!  His favourite treats are plain cheerios and pumpkin seeds.

It seems true currently that the best things come in little packages.  He’s only a little mouse, but already I love him dearly and he brings a wonderful joy to my life.

This is probably one of many posts about Colin, however I will only post a maximum of once a month about him, however I will regular update this page dedicated to him more frequently.

Here are a selection of the most recent photos with a little diary as the caption to each one.

Thanks for reading!


13Mar2016 – My new parents brought me from the pet shop today and took me to a nice new home full of toys. This photo shows me in the space I’ve decided to make my little burrow in. Its all new and scary so I spent a lot of time exploring and then a lot of time sleeping.


14th March 2016 – Today I’ve spent a lot of time investigating my new home, its still all new and scary and I get frightened by sudden noises still. Mummy’s worried that I haven’t eaten or drunk enough, but Daddy thinks that she’s being paranoid.


17th March 2016: This is me on my newest toy. Mum’s given me a few new toys the last few days. I have a cosy felt cube which is my favourite place to sleep and a great hammock for climbing on! We’ve also started hand training and I don’t mind hands too much now, although I find it much easier to concentrate when I’ve been put in the playtime box without too many toys!


17th March 2016: My mummy gave me a new toy today. She’d made it especially for me. She’s made a few things for me now. This is me peaking out of it. Its a tower of boxes with a turret at the top that I like to climb out of. I move too fast for mum to get a good picture yet!


21st March 2016 – Mummy and Daddy have managed to persuade me to come out of my cage and have play time with them. I love this because it means I get to climb and run around. If I’m really good then Mummy puts some pumpkin seeds in my home for me to find afterwards!


29th March 2016 – I love climbing on things. Mummy confused me today by putting a toilet roll tube on top of my wooden climbing frame. Getting down was a bit of a longer stretch than I thought it should be. Mummy gives me some nice toys. This photo was while I was having one of my mad five minutes where I scurry and climb and move all my bedding around and search for the recently hidden pumpkin seeds!

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  1. He’s gorgeous! I love rodents, we have six hamsters and three Guinea pigs, they have such fab little personalities.

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