Garden Woodpeckers

Last weeks post about my very special birding trip to WWT Welney was extrememly well received!  This week I have a shorter, but equally exciting post, about a particular bird that I have discovered like to munch on the food I’ve put out in my new garden!

Aside: 1 – you have to visit Welney because its amazing; 2 – the story made the local newspaper (!!!!); 3 – you can read my blog about the special day too if you haven’t already!).

We moved house back in December to wonderful house with a large garden that backs onto the edge of the fenland countryside.  I’ve been putting out food for the birds in feeders – peanuts, seeds and fat balls.  Its been a real pleasure watching some of the birds we have in the garden!  My favourite by far is the pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers!  We have once had a Green Woodpecker, but I haven’t seen him come back yet and I didn’t get a photo at the time sadly.  Commonly in our garden there are collared doves, great tits, blue tits, sparrows and robins.  Every so often there’s a blackbird or two, a dunnock and even a wren!  When I’ve taken some photos of the other birds (read: when I’m quick enough to take a photo…), I’ll share those with you, but for now I’ll leave you with a little slideshow of four photos of the woodpeckers in my garden!

(Also, join in with the Big Garden Birdwatch hosted by the RSPB!  It’ll just take an hour of your time on the weekend of 30th or 31st January – the data is analysed and used to look at the numbers of birds and whether there’s cause for concern and to help them work out what we can all do to help!  All you have to do is look for birds in your garden – so you don’t even have to leave the house!)

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