Snippets From Godmanchester

Yesterday I visited Godmanchester and gave my partner a little tour round this wonderful reserve.  We saw less wildlife around compared to normal, but this probably due to there being a larger amount of people around compared to when I’m normally there!  A few of our wildlife sightings:

We did see a large number of other birds including great crested grebes, tufted ducks, herons, little egrets, lesser black backed gulls, swans, Egyptian geese, kingfisher, buzzard, moorhen, lapwing and cormorants.  We also saw a single butterfly – a beautiful speckled wood that was feeling a bit shy!

Finally, we also saw a lovely wading bird that currently we don’t know what it is!  Can you help?  (I’ll post an update on this page when someone has kindly identified it for us).  Current thoughts are either a greenshank or a sandpiper, the facebook hive mind has been set to work!  It has long yellowish legs and a long beak (although these are both difficult to see from this photo – it was right on the end of my camera’s digital zoom!

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2 thoughts on “Snippets From Godmanchester

  1. Following a speedy Google search my money is on greenshank!

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