Teachings From Nature – Autumn Days

I’m always learning things from nature.  I thought I should start writing about some of the biggest lessons that nature as given me.  I’m one of the many people nowadays who has struggles with depression and anxiety, but thanks to the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild Campaign I’ve become more in tune with nature and its been a great source of help to me in fighting against these.  I wanted to share the lessons and inspirations that I’ve gained from spending time with nature, particularly those that have helped me, and I hope that maybe they’ll help you too.

Its been a busy summer.  Autumn has arrived and now a sense of stillness and peace has come.  Nature is winding down for the winter, and currently, my life is too.  Once winter arrives it will be busy again, but for now, nature tells me to sit, be still, prepare for winter and enjoy the autumn.  Autumn is probably my favourite season.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Boots can be pulled out of the cupboard and worn again.  Knitted hats, gloves and scarves can all be enjoyed again after the warmth of the summer.

Today I went for a walk around the Somersham lake, what with such a busy summer I haven’t been there for a while.  The colours of summer have passed, the undergrowth is clearing, the fruits are around and the sun makes the turning  leaves shine gold.  I took some photos, I’ll get to them at the end, but first, my walk inspired me to share some lessons I’ve learnt and write a poem about autumn.

I realised that autumn is a season of change, just like spring is, and that nature seems to be changing quicker now than earlier in the year – this years young have gone old and are growing their first winter coats, trees are turning and leaves are falling, animals are busy building up their fat reserves.  I was reminded that it never seems to last long either, particularly when school/university/work starts in earnest.  This year I’m not tied down by school, university, a full time job or such like.  I’m reminded to take the time to enjoy it, that we shouldn’t rush madly around all year round – that just exhausts us.

Today has taught me a lesson – slow down, enjoy the moment because there’ll never be one exactly like it again.  This is a valuable lesson, even our Creator didn’t intend for us to be rushing around every day for all our life, we need rest and peaceful moments.  We aren’t built for the stresses of our modern lives.  Take a few moments out of your day to reconnect with nature and enjoy the peace that comes from it, put down your phone, your computer, step out into the golden sun, feel it on your skin, respond to it – maybe you’ll sigh with delight, spin around with your arms out wide, whoop for joy, write a poem, sing a song, craft, create or just simply smile.  Personally, I smiled, paused for moment feeling the warmth of the sun and started writing the following poem.

Autumn Days
written 30th September 2015, inspired by a walk to the Somersham Lake around 5pm.
The heron sits on the lake
Like a king in all his glory
With the golden rays of an autumn sun
Shining softly upon him
Enjoy it, while it lasts

The leaves are growing gold now
Matching the late afternoon light
Soon they will fall and the trees will be bare
But that time is not yet come
Enjoy it, while it lasts

The squirrel stashes and saves
Birds make the most of the berries
The autumn days will soon be gone, but yet,
There is much pleasure in them
Enjoy it, while it lasts

This is the time to prepare
To save enough for the winter
In those days we will dream of the autumn
Warm, still, peaceful and quiet
Enjoy it, while it lasts

For now, enjoy what you have
Make the most of the golden days
And the peace and stillness they bring to us
You will miss them soon enough
So enjoy it, while it lasts

I’m not naturally a poet, so any form of poetry that I manage to write is a great achievement to me.  Personally, I’m proud of this, its not Shakespeare, but its honest.  Finally, I promised you some photos, so here they are.  For some reason they haven’t scaled down neatly, so I’ll post this now, but I’ll probably update the photos again when I’ve scaled them down better.

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One thought on “Teachings From Nature – Autumn Days

  1. Beautiful blog post, and I love the herons 🙂


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