Species Spotlight: Young Birds

Yesterday, after I’d been on the lovely walk and had a great time blogging about my adventures for the final day of 30 Days Wild, I was delighted to see some exciting birds!

We have strawberries growing in our garden at the moment, and they keep being eaten, but not by slugs.  I haven’t got a photo but it looks like something has been carefully pecking at the strawberries.  Turns out that this is exactly was had been happening!  This young male blackbird – still not fully black, has been pecking at the strawberries!  I’ve not seen a young blackbird like this before!

After this, I picked my boyfriend up from work and we went and had dinner in the grounds of Girton College.  While we were happily munching, this beautiful kestrel (let me know if my identification is wrong!) sat on the buildings behind us.  It wasn’t bothered by our presence and was so relaxed.  It also looks young!  It came fairly close to us – close enough to get this photo!

Did you do the 30 Days Wild Campaign?  Are you staying wild!

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