30 Days Wild, Day 30 – Visit A Wildlife Trusts Reserve!

Stats – Day 30

Activity: Visiting the beautiful Godmanchester Nature Reserve, part of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trusts
Wild Location: Godmanchester Nature Reserve
Time of Day: Morning
Length of Activity: 2 – 3 hours
Weather: Sunny, very hot.

Visit A Wildlife Trusts Reserve

I figured that seeing as 30 Days Wild is a Wildlife Trusts Campaign, I should really visit one of their reserves!  Combine this with passing my driving test last week, I could actually get to one!  I chose to visit Godmanchester Nature Reserve because it was close to my boyfriend’s work so I could drop him off and have a short drive across (it was my first time driving solo!).  I had arrived!

I was really impressed with some of the little activities that had been placed around the reserve.  There were some habitat mats (to help you look for creatures that like dark, damp places) and also a bug hotel to rummage in:

My favourite had to be these reptile tiles.  The theory is that they’ll like to come and bask on the hot tiles.  I didn’t see any today, but I like the idea so much that I’m going to go back on another sunny day to have another look!

Godmanchester Reserve was formerly gravel pits and they’ve been filled with water to make some lovely lakes:

As you might imagine, there was plenty of bird life!  You’ll have to forgive a few of the blurrier pictures.  I was delighted to see a family of Egyptian Geese – I’ve been wanting to see these for a while now!

As well as birds there were plenty of damselflies – some of whom stopped for photos!  There were plenty of butterflies and dragonflies, most of which were feeling camera shy today unfortunately.

And finally, when I got back to the car I discovered that I’d gained a little hitchhiker – this cute 10-spot ladybird!

There were a few other people around enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful reserve.  I wondered if any of them were taking part in 30 Days Wild!

All in all, a lovely morning walk.  The perfect place to have driven for my first solo drive and more importantly, the perfect place to end my 30 Days Wild.

Don’t fret though, I’m not going to give up being wild – I intend to be wild everyday forever!  Keep reading for details of how you can follow my wild life!

How It Made Me Feel

Today’s walk was so lovely.  I started the walk from the car park on Cow Lane and thinking “this seems like another nature reserve where I can’t see the water or the birds”, but I was totally wrong!  I reached the point where I found the Wildlife Line and the view was just so stunning I just stood and stared.  I liked that you can walk right round most of the lakes and there are points where the view is so amazing.  I particularly liked the largest lake, it also had some little islands which the birds were using for nesting and such like!  A lovely place.  So lovely that I’m debating whether to volunteer as one of the walking wardens (they were advertising with a little sign on the entrance).

30 Days Wild has been a fantastic campaign to be a part of!  Throughout June I’ve felt my mood lift and I’m now much happier when I’m spending plenty of time with nature every day.  I’m going to be continuing to be wild!  You can follow my wild life in a couple of ways:

  1. Follow this blog – I (probably) won’t be updating it daily but I will certainly update it a couple of times a week at least!
  2. Follow me on Twitter – @Stephanelli87 – there will probably be daily twitter updates about my wild life and what I’ve got up to!
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