30 Days Wild, Day 29 – Sail Away

Stats – Day 29

Activity: Building little natural boats and sailing them on the lake
Wild Location: Somersham Lake
Time of Day: Early Afternoon
Length of Activity: Hour and a bit
Weather: Sunny, some cloud, warm

Sail Away

I can’t believe its the penultimate day of 30 Days Wild!  Its been such a lovely month, and I’m definitely going to be staying wild.  I’m moving house soon to a house with a larger garden and have plenty of plans for making it wildlife friendly!

Anyway, today it was too hot to cycle over to the next village, so I headed to the coolness around the Somersham Lake and gathered some twigs and leaves and reeds and made some boats to sail!  The first one was made from twigs that were tied together (using string) to make a raft, with one sticking up for the mast.  A large leaf was used for the sail!  The second was made from a reed that I folded around itself and poked the end up through the centre to stop it coming undone.  Both of them sailed really well and I’ve left them to bob around on the lake for someone else to find and enjoy!  (So if you’re heading to the Somersham Lake, look out for my little boats!)

Here are my little boats:

The birds around the lake today seemed to think I’d gone mad, so I took some photos of them:

How It Made Me Feel

Like a child.  One of my favourite memories is of making boats with my younger cousins from materials that my mum had in her craft cupboard.  We used polystyrene bases and plastic for sails.  Admittedly not very nature friendly, but we went and sailed them and had a great time!  So today sent me back to my childhood and I loved it!  Here’s a photo of the boat I made with my cousins in 2008.  We’d also done this many years ago before I had a camera!

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