30 Days Wild, Day 27 – Morris and Moths

Stats – Day 27

Activity: Morris Dancing in St. Albans and finding a large moth at home
Wild Location: St. Albans and Home
Time of Day: All day!
Length of Activity: All day!
Weather: Sunny, too hot for dancing really…

Morris and Moths

Today, we headed down to St. Albans (near London) for a Day of Dance as part of their little Folk Festival.

I was dancing with Granta Blue Morris – the side I’m Squire of.  We performed in a mass show (all the sides – 11 in total) and then we headed off to various points around the city centre to perform to the public and generally have a good time.  Afterwards we all headed to the pub for drinks and a chat.  It was a lovely day.

In the evening, I was playing a gig with the Cambridge University Ceilidh Band for the Veterinary Students graduation celebration in a marquee – we even managed to sneak in some wildlife themed tunes – my favourite goes by the name of “The Jubilant Goat”.

As I was really silly (and a tad stressed), I managed to leave my camera at home so unfortunately I can’t show you pictures of the Morris Dancing near the Abbey, or the animal shaped balloons for the Vet’s celebrations, but when we got home, we found this beautiful, large moth sitting peacefully in the house.  Just beautiful:

How It Made Me Feel

I feel so happy to have been outside dancing all day, and then playing for the graduated students in the evening.  It’s been a great day and I’ve loved every minute of it!

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3 thoughts on “30 Days Wild, Day 27 – Morris and Moths

  1. My first dance-out is on Monday and I’ve got two more in June. Will have to wear my 30 Days Wild badge on my baldricks!


    • Mine’s on Sunday 🙂 Who do you dance with? My badge will be going on my hat – we tend not to decorate baldrics with badges.


      • Crook Morris but I wouldn’t say “dance with” considering I’ll probably just be filming or going around with the collection hat! Probably won’t be good enough to dance until next summer. Good job I’ve got TWO 30 Days Wild badges (one from last year) because then I can have one on my baldrics AND one on my hat!


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