30 Days Wild, Day 23 – Wild Reflections

Stats – Day 23

Activity: Walking around the Somersham Lake and reflecting on the past 3 weeks
Wild Location: Somersham
Time of Day: Early Evening
Length of Activity: 1 hour
Weather: Sunny, a few clouds, warm

Wild Reflections

Today, after the excitement of being wild in Wales, I’ve had time to relax, chat up on my blog posts and life in general.  I always find its a bit depressing coming back off holiday.  I suffer from mild depression, although most people never realise, and there are times its worst than others.  Coming back off holiday is normally one of those times.  Not so today, and that’s thanks to 30 Days Wild.

30 Days Wild has changed some of my perspectives of the world and given me a challenge to channel my energy into.  Its given me something to look forward to every day, and more and more I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing what new species I can find, or new activity I can try.

Today, I didn’t go anywhere new or exciting.  I didn’t find anything new, but I had a lovely time.  I headed down to the Somersham Lake, my local patch as regular readers will have worked out by now!  While I was there I noticed how peaceful and quiet it was.  I used the time to reflect on my journey throughout June while doing 30 Days Wild, and how much I’ve developed over the last 3 weeks.  It’s sad to think there’s only 3 weeks left, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop being wild!  I’m definitely going to be staying wild!

I’ve found the last 3 weeks fun.  I’ve enjoyed heading out in all weathers and trying to find nature in some unlikely places.  Its definitely been challenging at times though.  For someone with depression, sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do.  If you’ve never suffered it can be difficult to understand, but doing 30 Days Wild has helped me massively!  I feel more comfortable with my place within God’s world, and I’m noticing more and more of the natural world around me and how I can help it and care for it.

Its quite a wordy post today, but I’ll give you some beautiful reflections I shot at the lake today:

How It Made Me Feel

Reflecting on how its gone so far, and realizing that I’ve only got a week left of the official blogging was a humbling realisation.  I’ve enjoyed it so much.  30 Days Wild has got me outside taking more and more photos – I even started this blog for it.  I’m definitely going to be continuing with the blog and you can see how I’m staying wild!

During today’s walk I felt peaceful and calm, like the still waters of the lake.  It was beautiful.  It might not have the stunning hills and valleys and railways of Llangollen where I’ve been for the weekend, but its my local patch (until I move house), and it’ll always mean a lot to me.  Blogging for 30 Days Wild has helped me to develop my confidence and skills with a camera, and also to take pride in the photos that I know I’ve done really really well on.

Thanks to the Wildlife Trusts for the 30 Days Wild Campaign, and I can’t wait for the final week!

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