30 Days Wild, Day 22 – Nature Thriving In Man Made Worlds

Stats – Day 22

Activity: Finding nature thriving in man made worlds
Wild Location: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Shrewsbury
Time of Day: All Day
Length of Activity: All Day
Weather: Sunny, a few clouds every so often, warm but windy

Growing Strong

Today, we left the railways of Llangollen behind and headed to visit the Pontcysllte Aqueduct before we left Wales behind us.  The Aqueduct is nicknamed “The Stream In The Sky” and was built by Thomas Telford.  I found myself wondering if any fish lived in the aqueduct…  As part of the same visit we also visited a nearby country park (hoping to get views of the aqueduct – unfortunately we didn’t) and saw the beautiful Cefn viaduct and enjoyed walking around some farm animal fields and beside the river!

Its amazing where the animals and plants can live.

We continued our journey East back to the land of the fens, but we stopped on route to visit Shrewsbury and the beautiful gardens near to the River Severn.  I got some lovely photos:

How It Made Me Feel

All of today we were visiting nature around man-made places and its just proof that nature and man can thrive together.  Being beside an aqueduct that big is humbling and you really feel your place in the world.  This weekend has been amazing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to get out and about in a completely different place.  Its been wonderful.

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