30 Days Wild, Day 16 – Wild Knitting

Stats – Day 16

Activity: Knitting a wild animal – a shrimp!
Wild Location: Home – both inside and in the garden
Time of Day: Afternoon
Length of Activity: Lost track…I like knitting
Weather: Sunny with some cloud

Wild Knitting

Its a long story as to the reasons, but when we were both studying, my research project partner and I had this thing about shrimps with berets.  The basic story is that I was learning French and we discovered the word for shrimp and rather liked it (une crevette avec un béret).  I haven’t seen her for a while, but will be soon, so I decided to knit her a little present and because a shrimp is an animal, I thought it was the perfect excuse to knit for 30 Days Wild!

I should add that I didn’t design the shrimp pattern at all.  It was made by following a free pattern on ravelry.com.

How It Made Me Feel

There are many reasons to enjoy knitting.  Its portable, you can take it anywhere you go and its relaxing are two big reasons for me.  I particularly like knitting outside in the sunshine, I can watch the birds around me, enjoy the fresh air and generally feel relaxed both from the enjoyment of the outdoors and the rhythmic feel of knitting.

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