30 Days Wild, Day 14 – Foraging for Fruit

Stats – Day 14

Activity: Picking some of the fruit that’s ready in the garden and looking for signs of others that aren’t yet ready
Wild Location: Home
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Length of Activity: 15 minutes or so
Weather: Wet, rainy, windy, but some breaks in the rain

Foraging for Fruit

We have quite a few fruits in our small little garden.  Some of them are ready for picking, some need to wait a little longer.  We’ve already had the first alpine strawberries, but there are many more of those to go.  The larger strawberries are turning red, and the raspberries are growing well.  We normally have 2 crops of raspberries each year, a summer one and a late Autumn one, last year we had a few fresh raspberries to the end of November because we had some wet weather at just the right time!  Today I picked the first of the red currants (one of my favourites!) and am eagerly waiting for the others to finishing turning red!  The blueberries are growing (not yet ready to pick though!), we don’t normally get many of these as we only have a small plant, but they are normally very tasty!

How It Made Me Feel

I love fresh fruit, particularly if its come straight in from garden (same goes for vegetables as well!).  Its always satisfying eating something that you’ve grown and I think more effort should be made into encouraging children to grow their own fruits and vegetables.  Strawberries are particularly easy to grow although they do tend to spread alot!  Same goes for raspberries.  My partner planted 2 rows of raspberry canes beside his greenhouse, and they have spread out so much!  We’ve potted some up to take with us when we eventually move house.  Even the ones in the pots are doing well!  I’m hoping to plant lots more fruit, veg, herbs and useful plants in the new house!

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