30 Days Wild, Day 12 – Making Wild Friends

Stats – Day 12

Activity: Visiting Earith Fisheries and making some wild friends there
Wild Location: Earith Fisheries
Time of Day: Afternoon
Length of Activity: 2 hours
Weather: Very warm, sunny to start with, turning cloudy and very muggy, a little breezy

Making Wild Friends

Today, I thought I’d get my bike out and head a little further afield than normal!  On the route I saw lots of different birds – sparrows, goldfinches, swallows, crows, jackdaws, sparrowhawk, blackbirds and I’m sure a few others!

I locked up on a fence and left my bike to enjoy some time in the wild:

Then I went for a wander around the fisheries.  I spent some time looking for a few geocaches in the area and then went searching for wildlife.  I made friends with lots of dragonflies and damselflies, and also a herd of horses wanted to spend some time being adored (and eating).

How It Made Me Feel

I love getting out on my bike, it makes me feel free!  The fisheries wasn’t the best place I’ve ever visited, but I saw more dragon and damsel flies than I normally see, so overall, I enjoyed the trip!

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