30 Days Wild, Day 7 – Bat Watching

Stats – Day 6

Activity: Heading out into the wild to look for bats with our new bat detector
Wild Location: Somersham Lake, LNR
Time of Day: Dusk
Length of Activity: 1.5 hours
Weather: Cool, but the day had been hot, clear with some clouds

Bat Watching

Dusk arrived over Somersham Lake, LNR, today – a beautiful evening.  Often on a Sunday evening my boyfriend and I would be curled up on the sofa watching a film, or out with friends after a rehearsal, or having an early night ready for the week ahead.  Today, however, as the sun was setting, we put on some warm clothes, donned our walking shoes, and headed out to the lake.

The lake is very beautiful at night:

Today, we arrived a little early for the bats, so we headed down towards a second lake, part of an old sand and gravel quarry restored to nature.  You can see the lake in the distant here, along with a beautiful sky:

Today, we sat for a while by this lake, enjoying the sounds of the water birds, a cuckoo calling in the distant, the odd hoot of an owl and various other bird sounds.  It was so peaceful, so relaxing.  Having a sit down, was also a good chance to check our bat detector was working!  This is a small (but complicated) electronic circuit which can detect the ultrasonic calls from the bats, and in response, produces a small “click” or “crackle” of noise from a small speaker.  Fortunately for us it was working!

As we headed back up the hill, we saw a large bat flying around.  We then headed down the side of a meadow surrounded by woodland and were joined by a couple of bats doing rounds of the meadow!  Finally, the most magical spot, we headed back to the first lake, and had a number of bats flying around.  As we were a source of heat in the cool evening, we attached the bugs and flying beetles, which in turn brought the bats closer to us.  Have a look a the video and share the enjoyment of seeing the bats!

We also put our sighting on the BigBatMap.  Well worth looking at you’re interested in bats, sightings of bats are put on by people like you and me, and helps the Bat Conservation to get ideas of bat numbers.

How It Made Me Feel

Having bats flying around you was a truly magical experience.  I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who loves bats, and particularly loves telling me that they purr.  I’ve yet to hear one purr, but you’ll be the first to know if I do!  I have a great respect for bats and I’ll definitely be heading out bat watching again!  They are so fast and nimble, it felt truly wild to be out there with them, sharing the moment.

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4 thoughts on “30 Days Wild, Day 7 – Bat Watching

  1. That’s a good one – I like the video 🙂


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