30 Days Wild, Day 5 – Thunder Clap and Lightning Strike

Stats – Day 5

Activity: Listening to the thunder claps and watching the flashes of lightning
Wild Location: Somersham
Time of Day: Early Morning (7am)
Length of Activity: 30 minutes or so
Weather: Thunderstorm!

Thunder Clap and Lightning Strike

Today I was woken up from sleep by a thunderstorm going overhead just before 7am this morning.  I immediately knew that this was going to be my wild activity for today, because I think thunderstorms are the one of wildest forms of weather we get here in the UK.  I hope this heron was somewhere safe!  (This photo wasn’t taken today, but I did think about the poor heron and all the other wildlife out there in the rain).

The thunder is so loud and scary (I don’t like loud noises), but the lightning is so pretty to watch.  I didn’t get any photos, but it promoted me to do some wild creativity.  First I finished off my wild art for this week.  I printed out a 30 Days Wild wall chart and am decorating it with the activities I’ve done.  Here are the first 5 pictures!

And secondly, I composed another ceilidh tune, this one about thunder and lightning!

How It Made Me Feel

Thunder and lightning always make me feel scared and vulnerable.  They are so big and menacing and dangerous, and I’m so small and insignificant compared to them.  Nature has a way of humbling you and making you remember your place in the world.

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