30 Days Wild, Day 3 – Spotting Butterflies and Birds

Stats – Day 3

Activity: Spotting butterflies and birds in the fields around my village
Wild Location: Farmlands close to the village of Somersham, Cambridgeshire
Time of Day: Afternoon
Length of Activity: 2.5 hours
Weather: Sunny with patchy cloud, nice and warm (much less windy than the last two days!)

Spotting Butterflies and Birds

Today I finished my work early and decided to make the most of the nice weather and lack of strong winds to head out for a longer walk into the farmlands surrounding the village of Somersham.  Last time I came out here there were butterflies everywhere and plenty of birds to see (although very shy!)

Here are some photos of the locations and crops along my walk:

I was successful (eventually!) in finding some butterflies to photograph.  I love the way butterflies flutter along, they always make me feel so happy!  Here are the little ones that posed long enough to have their photos taken!

While I intended to go out mainly to look for butterflies, I also plenty of birds along the way.  On the way out to the fields I happened upon a pair of male and female pheasants.  They just stood, looked at me, decided I wasn’t scary and sauntered off, I was so shocked I forgot about the camera in my hand!  To start with on my walk, it was all very quiet.  I soon discovered the reason…a large bird of prey was flying overhead, I didn’t manage to snap a shot of it, but I think it was a marsh harrier, we get them round here sometimes, but they are normally nearer Great Fen.

I did however get some shots at some smaller birds:

How It Made Me Feel

It was a longer walk than normal and it felt wonderfully to be out in the fields, just me and the wildlife, not another human in sight and having nothing to rush back for!  I’ll definitely be heading back out that way again.  Its only day 3 and I feel so much better now I’m reconnecting with the wild.  I feel happy, brighter, and like I can do anything I want to!  I could just be having a good week, but for now, nature’s the reason!

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