30 Days Wild, Day 2 – Animal Tracking

Stats – Day 2

Activity: Animal Tracking – using prints, feathers, poo and leaves to search for clues about animals
Wild Location: Meadow and Woodland around Somersham Lake
Time of Day: Late Afternoon
Length of Activity: 1.5 hours
Weather: Very windy, sun and fluffy, white clouds, warm

Animal Tracking

Today I decided that I was going to find some animal tracks and look for clues of animals I might not normally see because the animals are too shy.

I had a successful tracking session, I found lots of clues to animals!

These feathers might be a bird losing the odd feather, or possibly because it got attacked by a predator.

I also found this egg shell which suggests there was a nest nearby!

This piece of white fleece is likely to have come from a nearby sheep.

This rabbit poo even led to a rabbit being found!

This leaf gave clues to the fact that there were likely to caterpillars or insects around:

And finally, I saw lots of prints, mostly dog prints, but also a horse print and a cloven hoof which could have been a deer:

Some of the wildlife I saw:

While I was out tracking my brain decided to write itself a little soundtrack to go with the activity.  Its called “Jaws, Claws and Printed Paws” and you can listen to it below:

I also wrote a tune that went with my post from yesterday – Wild Winds!

How It Made Me Feel

I think its amazing what incredible creature we have on this planet and I am always amazed at the creatures we find evidence of, but very rarely see.

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