30 Days Wild, Day 1 – Wild Winds

Stats – Day 1

Activity: Wild Winds – listening to the different sounds of the wind
Wild Location: Somersham Lake, Local Nature Reserve
Time of Day: Early Afternoon
Length of Activity: 1 hour (although you can take as long or as short as you like on this one!)
Weather: Cloudy and windy, the odd patch of sunshine, not particularly warm

Wild Winds

Today, I went out on a wild walk not really sure what my topic/activity or theme would be.  I just went out and figured it would come to me, or that I’d just tell you about my explorations.  Thankfully for you, a theme came to me.  Wind.

Walking around the lake, I began to notice that the wind had different sounds depending on what it was up against.  When it was up against these broad, floppy leaves, it made a short of low rushing sound:

When it was up against these much smaller, crisper leaves it was more a harsh, rustling sound:

When it was in these nettles, it was like paper rubbing quietly together:

And my favourite, when it was in these reeds and longer leaves, it sounded like a beautiful, wild whisper:

The wind transformed the lake into a cacophony of noise and also seemed to breathe new energy and life into everything on the lake.  Some of the wildlife was bolder, allowed me and my camera to get closer and get some cute shots:

The wind also causes other sounds – the trees to creak as they sway, the water to lap against the duck feeding platform.

However, not everyone was enjoying the wind, the 2 poor baby grebes were having a hard time getting around, they spent a lot of time on mum’s back, while dad went out fishing to bring them back a fish or two!  These little ducklings were also trying to struggle against the wind:

Have a listen to the wind that I heard:

How It Made Me Feel

Listening to the wind made me feel more alert, awake and excited.  I felt like I was tuning into the sounds of nature and listening to one of the most powerful forces in the world.

I think we’ll call that a success for Day 1 of 30 Days Wild!

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3 thoughts on “30 Days Wild, Day 1 – Wild Winds

  1. marionleeper on said:

    wind in the nettles! I have to go listen

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  2. Definitely a success start – brilliant!

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  3. whoops, meant to type ‘successful up there!

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