Species Spotlight: Vanellus Vanellus

Vanellus vanellus is better known as the ‘lapwing’, ‘peewit’ (after its distinctive call) or ‘green plover’ after its colouring.

I think they are a truly beautiful bird, with the feathers that look almost iridescent in the right light, and the beautiful crest.  I went with my parents to Fen Drayton Lakes today, an RSPB NAture Reserve.  We had a lovely time walking around Elney Lake, stopping for a time in the Coucher Hide.  It was here that we saw 2 lapwings and also 2 adult oystercatchers and their chick (more on those another time though!).

I thoroughly recommend a visit to Fen Drayton Lakes if you’re in the Cambridgeshire area, its a beautiful place to wander around, easy to get to by car, bike or bus (as its on the Guided Busway)!  (While you’re there I thoroughly recommend heading across to The Golden Ball in Boxworth for dinner – a truly delicious meal was eaten this evening!).

I definitely intend to return within the next week to try and get some more photos!

Anyway, a photo of a lapwing!


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